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The ECG Business Model is centred on an aspiration to create an environment or atmosphere in which small, specialist companies could successfully develop alongside the core ethos of ensuring that staff are motivated to deliver exceptional, high quality programmes and courses.

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expertise consultancy group (ECG) provides an atmosphere capable of sustaining development. A central 'hub' contains 'nutrient' business support services such as business and financial management, resources, office space and vehicles.

A number of 'satellite' business units orbit within the atmosphere, linked to the 'hub' by an 'umbilical cord', through which the 'nutrients' essential to maintain sustainability are drawn.

Each business unit has a clearly defined product range which it provides to the ECG client base. The different business units broadly reflect the product split from the old pyramidal hierarchy, but with increased specialisation:

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  • wilderness expertise logo

    wilderness expertise specialises in providing overseas personal development expeditions for students aged 12 to 18.

  • training expertise logo

    Training programmes for individuals and organisations that operate in both remote and urban environments.

  • sentinel consulting logo

    sentinel consulting provides a wide variety of services to our clients who operate in remote or wilderness environments.

  • remote emergency care logo

    remote emergency care is a certifying body for providing high-quality, practical, concept-based first aid and pre-hospital care training.

  • equip me logo

    Supplying a diverse range of kit and expedition equipment to a wide range of organisations that place teams into remote environments.

  • wind sand stars logo

    wind sand stars are specialists in providing historical and spiritual journeys for both schools and adults, to destinations that offer unique experiences.


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